80s Mohawk Wig
In Stock80's Mohawk Wig£13.00
Babelicious Purple Wig
Out of StockBabelicious Purple Wig£12.00
Black Glamourama Wig
In StockBlack Glamourama Wig£13.00
Court Wig
In StockCourt Wig£9.99
Dancing Queen Wig
In StockDancing Queen Wig£15.00
Day Of The Dead Wig
In StockDay Of The Dead Wig£20.00
Funky Afro
Out of StockFunky Afro£6.99
George Michael Wig
In StockGeorge Michael Wig£17.95
Green Bob
In StockGreen Bob£6.99
Heartthrob Wig
In StockHeartthrob Wig £14.00
Riff Raff Wig
In StockRiff Raff Wig£8.95
Short Grey Wig
In StockShort Grey Wig£13.95
Short Male Wig Black
In StockShort Male Wig Black£7.95
Short Male Wig Ginger
In StockShort Male Wig Ginger£8.00
Super Jimmy Jumbo Afro
In StockSuper Jimmy Jumbo Afro £21.00
TV Host Kit
In StockTV Host Kit£18.00
Wig - Creepy Clown Blue
In StockWig - Creepy Clown Blue£10.95
Wig - Creepy Clown Red
In StockWig - Creepy Clown Red£10.95
Wig - Ghost Doll
In StockWig - Ghost Doll£12.00
Wild Child Wig
In StockWild Child Wig £13.00
Wizard Wig & Beard
In StockWizard Wig & Beard£11.95
20s Flapper Blonde Bob
In Stock20's Flapper Blonde Bob£10.00
80s Mullet Wig
In Stock80's Mullet Wig£17.00
80s Rainbow Punk Wig
Out of Stock80's Rainbow Punk Wig£18.00
80s Street Wig
Out of Stock80's Street Wig£13.00
Bavarian Wig
In StockBavarian Wig£16.00
Black Bob
Out of StockBlack Bob£12.00
Blonde Babelicious Wig
Out of StockBlonde Babelicious Wig£13.00
Crazy Clown Wig Blue
Out of StockCrazy Clown Wig Blue£6.99
Deluxe Elvis Wig
Out of StockDeluxe Elvis Wig£17.99
Einstein Wig
Out of StockEinstein Wig£9.99
Flirty Flick Wig
Out of StockFlirty Flick Wig£5.99
Frank N Furter Wig
Out of StockFrank N Furter Wig£16.95
Glamour Wig
Out of StockGlamour Wig£11.95
Glitter Disco Wig
Out of StockGlitter Disco Wig£14.00
Granny Bun
Out of StockGranny Bun£12.00
Hard Rocker Wig
Out of StockHard Rocker Wig£14.00
Jesus/Hippy Wig & Beard Set
Out of StockJesus/Hippy Wig & Beard Set£12.95
Judge Wig
Out of StockJudge Wig£17.00
Marilyn Wig
Out of StockMarilyn Wig£12.00
Mohican (pink)
Out of StockMohican (pink)£6.99
Mr President Wig
Out of StockMr President Wig £8.95
Mullet Wig
Out of StockMullet Wig£14.00
Multi-Coloured Wig
Out of StockMulti-Coloured Wig£14.95
Pirate Wig And Scarf
Out of StockPirate Wig And Scarf£10.00
Red Bob Wig
Out of StockRed Bob Wig£7.95
Red Clown Wig
Out of StockRed Clown Wig£5.99
Red Wavy Wig
Out of StockRed Wavy Wig£8.95
Scouser Set
Out of StockScouser Set£9.00
Short Male Wig Blonde
Out of StockShort Male Wig Blonde£7.95
Short Male Wig Brown
Out of StockShort Male Wig Brown£7.95
Super Star Wig Blonde
Out of StockSuper Star Wig Blonde£13.00
Super Star Wig Brown
Out of StockSuper Star Wig Brown£13.00
Tinsel Wig
Out of StockTinsel Wig£2.99
Tony Wig-Black
Out of StockTony Wig-Black£7.95
Tony Wig-Blonde
Out of StockTony Wig-Blonde£7.95
Tony Wig-Ginger
Out of StockTony Wig-Ginger£7.95
Womens Ginger Layered Wig
Out of StockWomen's Ginger Layered Wig£8.99

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