CORONAVIRUS UPDATE 2nd April 2020: We are now offering home delivery of balloon bouquets and fireworks (other items such as cards, gifts, bunting, banners also available on request). We are currently operating as a small team of two, both healthy, and have been in isolation since 15th March 2020. We are using gloves and/or hand sanitiser at all times; we will hand-deliver your goods to your door, leave on the doorstep, and ring/text you to let you know it’s there. You can order your balloons online, and if you need any other items delivered, say so in the ‘Additional Information’ box at checkout and we’ll call you. Our shops remain shut to the public until further notice


Fancy Dress Accessories

Harry Potters Wand
In StockHarry Potter's Wand£14.95
Jewelled Kings Crown
In StockJewelled King's Crown£4.50
Lion Set
In StockLion Set£19.95
Multi Coloured Tutu
Out of StockMulti Coloured Tutu£14.00
Neon Stripped Legwarmers
In StockNeon Stripped Legwarmers£6.99
Neon Yellow Sweatbands
In StockNeon Yellow Sweatbands£6.50
Unicorn Kit
In StockUnicorn Kit£9.99
 Alien Antenna
Out of Stock Alien Antenna£5.00
 Giraffe Set
Out of Stock Giraffe Set£12.00
 Lamb Sound Set
Out of Stock Lamb Sound Set£9.95
 Marabou Cat Ears
Out of Stock Marabou Cat Ears£3.99
 Tiger Set
Out of Stock Tiger Set£4.99
80s Fishnet Gloves
Out of Stock80's Fishnet Gloves £2.50
80s Pinl Fishnet Gloves
Out of Stock80's Pinl Fishnet Gloves£3.50
Angel Tutu
Out of StockAngel Tutu£6.95
Angel Wings
In StockAngel Wings£5.50
Bloody Brain headpiece
In StockBloody Brain headpiece£9.99
Bunny Ears
Out of StockBunny Ears£3.50
Cat Tail
Out of StockCat Tail£3.50
Clock Medallion
In StockClock Medallion£4.99
Cowboy Gun and Badge
In StockCowboy Gun and Badge£3.95
Cowboy Sheriff Badge
In StockCowboy Sheriff Badge£1.50
Dollar Medallion
In StockDollar Medallion£3.99
Egyptian Belt
In StockEgyptian Belt£8.95
Egyptian Collar
In StockEgyptian Collar£10.95
Egyptian Headpiece
Out of StockEgyptian Headpiece£15.99
Egyptian Wristbands
In StockEgyptian Wristbands£7.95
Feather Boas
Out of StockFeather Boas£14.00
Fishnet Sockings
Out of StockFishnet Sockings£3.50
Fishnet Tights
Out of StockFishnet Tights£3.99
Gangster Spats
Out of StockGangster Spats£4.99
Gold Glitter Lipstick 4g
In StockGold Glitter Lipstick 4g£3.00
Gold Medallion
In StockGold Medallion£3.99
Green Visor
Out of StockGreen Visor£3.00
Inflatable Guitar
In StockInflatable Guitar£3.50
Magenta Metallic Disco Leggings
Out of StockMagenta Metallic Disco Leggings£17.95
Neon Blue Legwarmers
In StockNeon Blue Legwarmers£6.99
Neon Feather Eyelashes
In StockNeon Feather Eyelashes£7.50
Neon Green Glasses
In StockNeon Green Glasses£4.95
Neon Green Legwarmers
In StockNeon Green Legwarmers£699.00
Neon Orange Glasses
In StockNeon Orange Glasses£4.95
Neon Pink Glasses
In StockNeon Pink Glasses£4.95
Neon Sweatbands
In StockNeon Sweatbands£6.99
Police Badge
Out of StockPolice Badge£2.00
Punk Studded Choker
In StockPunk Studded Choker£2.99
Purple Leg Warmers
In StockPurple Leg Warmers£6.99
Roman Laurel Wreath
In StockRoman Laurel Wreath£3.50
Silver Ball Head Boppers
In StockSilver Ball Head Boppers£2.50
Voodoo Bone Necklace
In StockVoodoo Bone Necklace£7.95

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